We love working with partners, whether you're a company looking to reward staff or organise an event, an influencer who's looking to snap and review or a uni society looking to drag down your costs.

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A partnership

No hidden agenda, just people coming together! 

Listening to your ideas to improve our platform for your body or company.

Taking time to understand your specific needs and goals.

Making it simpler, easier & more rewarding to get together,

Exclusive Rewards

Access exclusive!

Earn exclusive rewards for becoming an official partner of Groubook

Get access to free to attend events & get-togethers, even if you have a venue in mind.

Let us organise your event for you. Let us know your budget and relax whilst we source the perfect events.



Managing get-together has never been easier.

Allowing others to send you money at the click of a button

Rewarding your specific account for getting your people to sign up 

Control entire bookings from one account and reap the rewards

Point of contact

Allowing you to have access to continuous support

Giving you access to our skilled team of planners, technology and experts in your field

Event sourcing for key events is a core part of what we do.

Being transparent about the performance of our partners to enhance experiences.



Who we partner with


  • Earn £ for signing your society up

  • Get exclusive society venue hires

  • Obtain sponsorships

  • Event sourcing



  • Paid for experiences to share with your followers

  • Earn in-app credit for working with us

Food Blogger


  • VAT Claimable incentives

  • Earn £ for employees signing up

  • Increase attraction and retention 



  • Earn in-app credit for signing people up

  • Access to exclusive Groubook deals


Partner with the UK's first platform dedicated to GROUP Bookings

The cash saving platform

Unless you have fell out with your money, we aim to continuously save you money through discounts and rewards.

All in one platform management

Use a reliable backend to manage your bookings, payment and rewards all in one place.

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Backing you

Ensuring we only have top quality offers that you will attend by encouraging feedback and reviews.