A Day in the Life as a Groubook User

With lockdown restrictions on the ease, and summer in full stride, me and my friends thought it would be nice to make the most of the summer days and explore more of what Nottingham has to offer.

However, with it being so long I forgot the hassle of having to plan everything as a group; choosing a place that everyone likes, finding a date and time that everyone is free and not forgetting chasing your friends the next day for money they owe you for the previous night.

Luckily, whilst in the midst of planning I came across the Groubook app - an app that lets you book ahead of time, making it easier and cheaper for you and your friends to go out.

By discovering the app, it removed so much of the headache as everything I needed to find could be located in one place- from finding the places to book to deciding on what to order. The app could not have been more easy to use. Just type in your location, select your category, whether that be food, drinks or events, choose the place you would like to go, the type of meal/drink you want ordering and the number of people attending and then pay- simple!

As a group we decided to try our pick at milkshakes from this newly independent tea house Biscuit and Brew. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets of Nottingham, the place is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, selling a range of teas, coffee and cakes. Upon arrival, we were kindly greeted by a gentleman staff who quickly learned I had booked through Groubook and was happy to see us arrive.

By pre-booking on the app Biscuit and Brew new the milkshakes we ordered. On Groubook we had a choice between the Millionaire's mocha, Strawberry shortcake, Lemon Meringue pie, Cookies and cream and Biscoffee flavours!

My friends and I decided to try out the cookies and cream, strawberry shortcake and biscoffee milkshakes- and we were not disappointed. Each shake was made with the freshest ingredients, topped tall with cream, biscuits, chocolates and sauces and costing £2.95 per shake through the Groubook app it couldn’t have been more tasty to the wallet either!

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