Groubook Announces New App Features

Groubook is super excited to announce two new updates made to our app which are going to revolutionise going out in Nottingham: Groubook table service, and click and collect.

Table service has gained huge traction recently due to social distancing measures brought about by the pandemic, and was adopted by most bars and restaurants as a result. But the current process is very inconvenient and off-putting to consumers, as there is no universal platform that allows booking across venues. Instead, a different app must be downloaded for each place that a person wants to eat and drink in.

We aim to simplify this process for our users by providing a service which allows them to order to the table of any of our partner bars and restaurants. Each venue would have a QR code on every table which would bring up the menu when scanned, and allow for food and drinks to come to the table. Anything that improves the customers’ experience is also of benefit to the merchants, since it is more likely to increase repeat custom, positive recommendations, and visitation frequency. Our table service also allows integration with most current tablet EPOS/ POS systems, so that the venues can receive and deliver orders effectively. This could also cut expenditure for other app renewals, and allows for the instant transfer of cash via Stripe. Another solution for users who want to order from one of our partner venues, is our new click and collect service. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, it allows customers to order drinks on the Groubook app whilst waiting in line outside so their thirst can be quenched instantly upon entering, or whilst sitting down inside to avoid those long bar queues that we are all used to on busy nights. A push notification will then be received when the drinks are ready to be collected from the bar.

Again, merchants will also benefit from this by being able to serve customers more efficiently, keep crowds down, and maintain social distancing where necessary.

Groubook is here to support the industry we operate within, and we hope the new changes will help Nottingham hospitality. We are a proud Nottingham-based company. Our aim is to not only grow our business, but for the Nottingham hospitality field to expand with us.

Hospitality is a huge provider of jobs and economic stability here: the tourism sector (which includes hospitality) in Nottinghamshire was estimated to be worth just under £2b in 2019 – with Nottingham city making up £679m of that. Over 23,000 full time jobs are also supported through this. The city has a bustling and busy night life, with bars, restaurants and other social hotspots dotted all over the city. Many of these venues are locally and independently run, and go toe to toe with chain establishments in terms of popularity and revenue. In fact, Nottingham actually has the highest number of independent bars and restaurants in the UK outside of London – an achievement which we think is phenomenal. But some of these smaller establishments may not have the capability or funding to host their own apps, and so providing table service and similar things will be harder for them. Our new app changes will help them to keep up with other, faster-moving venues and build their custom at the same rate.