Merchant Spotlight: Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem

Merchant Spotlight: Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem

Address: 1 Brewhouse Yard, NG1 6AD Nottingham history and culture is something which Groubook has wanted to participate in from the founding of our company – and nowhere is more historic than England’s oldest Inn, Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem.

Truly entrenched in antiquity, the pub got its unusual name from the fact that King Richard the Lionheart and his men likely gathered at the previously royal spot, before journeying to Jerusalem all the way back in 1189AD.

Burrowed in the cliff upon which Nottingham Castle stands, the old building is a mix between a watering hole and a museum, as within it contains artefacts from Nottingham’s past. And deep beneath the cliffs in which the pub stands, are caves used for storing ale. These caves connect to more than 800 other caves in Nottingham’s complex ancient underground cave system, some of which is open to the public (other parts are inaccessible).

Other points of interest in the cave cellars are an old cockfighting pit, and part of the Castle Gaol (jail). This includes a condemned cell, which is a tiny room with a very low ceiling, and small holes to let air through. The Gaoler sat just outside these cells on the Gaoler’s Chair, which was carved out of rock and can still be seen today.

Inside the pub itself, there are lots of different areas to relax – the Rock Bar is the perfect place to enjoy a meal (available from 11am to 10pm every day). In the colder months, you can warm up next to the fire in Yorkie’s Lounge, and when the weather is warmer you can put your feet up in the spacious garden area outside. Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem is open from 11am to 11pm every day of the week, meaning there’s no excuse not to come and take a step back in time! Multiple offers can be found on our free Groubook app, available to download on the App Store and Google Play.