Pizzamisù Review: A Slice of Naples in Nottingham

Since moving to Nottingham I have been on the hunt for a top-quality pizzeria. Although the occasional Domino’s or Pizza Hut may suffice, I hadn’t found somewhere that could satisfy my cravings for a beautifully-crafted, genuinely-Italian pizza... until I stumbled across Pizzamisù.

After reading an abundance of glowing reviews, I knew I had to make the immediate pilgrimage to see it for myself, being the avid, self-proclaimed food lover and critic that I am. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed, as behind that small door on High Pavement street in Old Market Square lies a slice of Naples in Nottingham.

Image: Nottingham Post

With the kitchen based out front, the first thing you are greeted with is the taste of Italy floating through the air of the restaurant, allowing you to observe the chefs at work right before your eyes! Absolutely authentic and proudly Neapolitan, Pizzamisù transports you to the heart of Italy with its charming interior and Italian-speaking staff and customers, which in my opinion is a clear indication of the cuisine’s excellence.

The incredibly welcoming and attentive staff only add to the hospitable atmosphere, all of which is owed to the Oriente’s and Del Trionfo’s, with the genius name ‘Pizzamisù’ being the fusion of their two favourite dishes: pizza and tiramisu!

I had the pleasure of speaking to Luisa Oriente, who told me that they are “working very hard to make sure that everyone who comes to visit feels like they’ve been in Naples for a few hours” - I, for one, can whole-heartedly vouch for this being true. Oriente then explained that most of their staff come from Italy so “it really feels like home”, and although many “struggled to go back to Italy in the last few years, [they] brought Italy here”!

The menu ranges from an impressive 21 styles of pizza (vegan options also available), to an array of starters, sides and desserts, my favourite being the ‘Neapolitan Angels to Share’ (although I’ll easily go through a whole plate myself). And on top of this, yes, they do cocktails! Pairing the meal with a refreshing ‘Aperol Spritz’, or glass of the house wine is highly recommended.

Now you may think that this is all going to cost you a fortune…but think again. You can get pizzas from as little as £7.50, with the average going at around £12. Not bad for having Naples’s finest right on your doorstep! Speaking of doorsteps, Pizzamisù is also on Deliveroo, so whether you fancy a date night with a partner or a cosy night in with friends, it’s covered.

I’ll leave you with a comment from a customer: “I was told a few weeks ago that this was the best pizza outside of Italy! I disagree - I reckon it’s the best pizza in the world!”

Why don’t you come and find out for yourselves?