Review: Lost City Adventure Golf

Surprisingly, nestled beneath the abundance of restaurants in Nottingham's The Cornerhouse, a lost jungle city lays waiting for members of the public to try and escape through the course.

Despite being awful at the actual ‘golf’ part of the experience, the trip as a whole was a fun, immersive experience that would be perfect for a university house or flat, society or sports team social, or even a cute date.

There are 2 courses to pick from with 18 holes; we opted for ‘The Temple Trail’ after ordering our £6 student cocktails which are available from Monday to Thursday from the tropical themed Tiki Bar. There was a range of both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks, and also an option of freshly baked pizza in case you get hungry after grafting with your golf club.

The Lost City is definitely impressive in decoration without being too cringey, with echoing tropical sound effects, vines, leaves and palm trees scattered around, and interactive, moving animals on certain parts of the course. The setting makes you forget that you are underneath a shopping centre and is a fun twist on a typical crazy golf course.

Overall, the experience was fun just to giggle at how terrible each member of our group was, and paired with the ample supply of cocktails, this was the perfect place to have a laugh and bond with my housemates. I would definitely visit again and attempt the harder course, being such a cheap, fun and different way to entertain on a student budget. A refreshing alternative

to the usual clubs and bars students tend to lean towards.

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