The 1% Mantra

The 1% Philosophy

Everyone is searching to offer their customers 110% (100%) they use it as a sales spiel; I was one of these people for the best part of 8 years whilst working in recruitment. Since founding @groubook, that’s changed. I don’t live by the ideology of over promising consistently. Simply put, we give you 1%.

You read it right, 1%. The 1% mantra isn’t about not putting your all in, it’s quite the opposite. Every day, everyone in the business is asked, where is your 1% coming from today? It’s about continuous improvement. Making the little things better so the big bits fall into place. 1% comes from different places; it can be about self-development, learning what that terminology means to make you more reputable & knowledgeable to potential and current customers. It can be about improving your technology by adding a new way for customers to pay, or a better way to build your product. It can be about taking that free phone-call with that business coach whose been pestering you on LinkedIn to learn new ways to manage your stress levels. Its all-different things. Some bigger than others, some minimal and some grand changes but it boils down to the same thing, consistently improving.

Being a business owner or an employee, both have their challenges, stuff goes wrong all the time and if you are like me, you struggle with switching off from the worry and self-doubt. The 1% is a way to measure and acknowledge that you are getting better daily. Have a think, where is your 1% coming from today?