The Hockley Arts Club Review: Nottingham’s Top Hidden Hideout

Upon strolling through the animated streets of Hockley, it’s easy to gloss past The Hockley Arts Club, lying latent on Carlton Street. As a bar that owes its appeal to its seductive, clandestine layout, The Hockley Arts Club can easily be named as Nottingham’s most iconic hidden gem. Spread over three levels, each encapsulating its own distinct vibe, this bar encompasses a world of its own for you to explore. Step through the small, glowing door and be amazed at what you find inside…

As soon as you enter, you’ll be greeted by the hustle and bustle of Stockholm, the Scandinavian inspired, independent bar and pub that inhabits the ground floor. Arguably the liveliest of all the levels, enjoy the spirited atmosphere of your local pub mixed with the buzz of a nightclub - the dancefloor is open until 3am! Serving everything from pints to cocktails, grab your drink of choice and dance the night away.

Ascending up the stairs you’ll stumble across Blue Rooms, their funkiest floor. With intimate tables and leather clad private booths and sofas, the middle floor is home to Hockley’s very own speakeasy. The neon red lights offer a sensual backdrop for your evening, and paired with the seductive selection of cocktails such as the Love Potion, an aphrodisiac, Blue Rooms is ideal for a sexy date night. To complement the luscious cocktails, delve into the appetising food menu, all for an affordable price!

Finally, find yourself immersed inside the beautiful Electric Gardens at the bar’s summit. Adorned with pink blossom trees and lanterns, this fairy-lit Gin and Prosecco bar is ideal for a girls night out. The stunning scenery and sharing tables make Electric Gardens the perfect spot for larger groups, being available for private hire too.

Expansive and eclectic, The Hockley Arts is equipped to suit every mood. Boasting an evolving selection of drinks all thanks to award winning bartenders and cocktails, I can safely say I have never experienced a bar as unique as this. Their excellence doesn’t halt at their outstanding beverages either. Presenting a range of dining options from Bottomless Afternoon Tea to classy Artisan Charcuterie, The Hockley Arts Club quite literally has everything to offer.

It’s not a matter of if you want to go, it’s a matter of when! What floor would you want to try first?