Three Of The Hottest Cocktail Spots You Need To Try

Nottingham as a city is quite possibly a cocktail lover’s dream. The city is packed with both franchised and one-of-a-kind cocktails spots – there’s something for everyone’s taste! New or old to the city, look no further; we have selected 3 of Nottingham’s must-taste cocktail spots.


Take your pick – from a choice of three different Bunk locations, this neon tropical oasis is sure to never disappoint. Whether in a couple or a group of friends, Bunk covers all bases. Comfy rustic sofas and feng shui galore, this place feels like you’ve fallen into a secret underground garden. The neon signs make it the perfect Instagram-amble spot.

Now on a student budget £10 for a Pornstar Martini is painstaking, however, Bunk do 2 for £12 up until 10pm…£6 for a cocktail, bargain! The cocktails range from your classic martinis and coladas to their own marvellous drumstick creations. There really is a cocktail for everyone.


In the heart of the city centre Revolution is a well-loved, go-to bar for most. The cocktail spot is boujee to say the least, especially with their Mean Girls ‘so fetch’ cocktail. The bar is vibrant and full of life, the music is current, and you will most certainly end up dancing. With picture perfect cocktails it would be rude not to Instagram them! Again, understanding that cocktails aren’t cheap, we’ve got you covered. Revolution do a 2 for £10 on a selection of cocktails…it just doesn’t get better than that. The huge ‘vodka made me do it’ neon sign goes hand in hand with their cheeky cocktails that always end in a great night!


Lavish is an understatement, this bar can only be described as the sexy hotspot. Bringing you rooftop terrace vibes indoors is always a bonus. Quite literally you are in a glasshouse – the open windows are like no other, the décor is sure to give you vogue Mad Hatter’s tea party vibes.

Perfect for girl’s night out, I can’t walk past this bar without wanting to go in. It’s like a cake that screams ‘eat me’! With both happy hour and sharers, there’s every reason to go. If you haven’t been, put it at the top of your list immediately!

Check out the Groubook offers with Revolution and Glasshouse here!